Everything you always wanted to know about the Uterus*
(*But Were Afraid to Ask)
J. Garcia Velasco (Madrid, Spain)
March 12th,
69 rue Boissière - 75016 Paris


8h00 Welcoming
8h45/9h00 Introduction by the presidents of SCGP, SMR and GEFF
H. Fernandez, N. Massin, G. Porcu-Buisson
9h00/9h30 > Infertility and uterus
Chair: N. Lédée (Paris, France), S. Hamamah (Montpellier, France), C. Yazbeck (Paris, France)

> Implantation: a challenge
J. Garcia Velasco (Madrid, Spain)

> What have we learnt from surgery to manage the infertile uterus?
A. Di Spiezio Sardo (Napoli, Italy)

Implantation: the medical point of view
Chair: N. Lédée (Paris, France), S. Hamamah (Montpellier, France), C. Yazbeck (Paris, France)

> The place of Microbioma
I. Moreno (Valencia, Spain)

> The place of immunology
D. Alecsandru (Madrid, Spain)

> The place of all endometrial tests
M. Grynberg (Clamart, France)

10h15/10h45 Discussion
10h45/11h30 Coffee break and visit of the exhibition
11h30/12h30 Implantation: the surgical point of view
Chair: A. Guérin (Barcelona, Spain), E. Sedbon (Neuilly, France)

> Surgical treatment of synechia
M. Hans Emanuel (Leiden, Netherlands)

> Endometrial stem cells
N. Al Asmar Pinar (Valencia, Spain)

> Uterus abnormalities and thin endometrium
G. Grimbizis (Thessaloniki, Greece)

> Isthmocele: which treatment for which patient?
H. Fernandez (Kremlin Bicêtre, France)
12h30/13h00 Discussion
13h00/14h30 Lunch break and visit of the exhibition
14h30/15h45 Myomas & infertility
Chair: A. Vasquez (Barcelone, Spain), N. Chabbert-Buffet (Paris, France)

> Management of type 0-2 myomas
S. Bettocchi (Bari, Italy)

> Laparoscopic myomectomy for infertile patients, and the use of Augmented Reality
N. Bourdel (Clermont-Ferrand, France)

> HIFU: a new entity for the treatment of myoma and adenomyosis
P. Descamps (Angers, France)

> Place of the SPRMs in the context of infertility
N. Chabert Buffet (Paris, France)
15h45/16h00 Discussion
16h00/16h30 Coffee break and visit of the exhibition
16h30/17h30 Myometrium & endometrium
Chair: A. Guivarc’h (Rennes, France), N. Chevalier (Montpellier, France), P-E Bouet (Angers, France)

> Uterine adenomyosis
P. Santulli (Paris, France)

> Endometrial Growth
N. Ranisavljevic (Montpellier, France)

> What about medical endometrial scratching?
F. Lamazou (Paris, France)

> What about surgical endometrial scratching?
O. Garbin (Strasbourg, France)

> Next step in implantation exploration
N. Macklon (Southampton, UK)

17h45/18h00 > Take home message: what have we learnt today?
J. Garcia Velasco (Madrid, Spain)

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